V2 Cigs Disposables Electronic Cigarettes

V2 Cigs Disposables Electronic Cigarettes

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For those interested in trying electronic cigarettes, disposable e-Cigarettes are a great option that requires little cost of entry when compared to more permanent starter kits. Disposable e-Cigarettes are a great option not just for price but convenience as well. Instead of having to worry about refilling a cartridge or recharging a battery, disposable products simply just work out of the box with little to no assembly required. Many of our reviewers started early on after transitioning from tobacco cigarettes by trying disposable e-Cigarettes looking for just the right one before settling on a brand or two by finally purchasing a permanent starter kit. One of the better electronic cigarette companies available is V2 Cigs. Known for their quality products and accessories, V2 also offers a disposable line of electronic cigarettes that are just as exceptional as their permanent counterparts.

Being one of the long established leaders of the electronic cigarette industry, V2 Cigs produces high-performing products at competitive prices further cementing their foothold as one of the top market performers year after year. Adding to their catalogue is their version of the disposable e-Cigarette. Suffice it to say, we here on the staff were just as curious as everyone else to see how V2 Cigs could bring their technological prowess to a disposable product. While many claim V2 to provide the best disposable e-Cigarette, we had to try it for ourselves. Below is our micro review of the V2 Cigs Disposable electronic cigarette.

Battery Life: 10 out of 10

To put it simply, the batteries on these disposable e-Cigarettes lasted a long, long time. We were impressed by the devices given the fact that they’re giving us as much of a charge capacity as an expensive e-Cigarette found in a starter kit. On average, each disposable we tried gave us about 400 puffs before the battery finally lost its charge. 400 puffs for a disposable e-Cigarette is unheard of when typical standard kit units can’t even reach half that without having to be recharged. That’s about as much as smoking two packs of traditional cigarettes a week. Talk about value.

Vapor, Cartridge Strengths, and Flavor: 9 out of 10

Being a disposable we weren’t expecting vapor plumes found in V2 Cigs more permanent options but we were again surprised by our findings. Each puff gave us a huge amount of vapor draw that provided a rather powerful throat hit very reminiscent of what you’d find with a conventional cigarette. It’s as if V2 Cigs shipped us a unit from one of their starter kits instead. Embarrassingly, we had to make sure this wasn’t the case.

The Disposable line comes with a respectable amount of options. Customers have the option to purchase either a tobacco or menthol unit which is on par with what we were expecting as other disposable brands do the same. The flavors themselves taste very similar to what you’d find in a traditional cigarette so for those transitioning from tobacco this is a godsend. After choosing your flavor, you have the option of choosing between two strengths. We wish V2 Cigs would offer other options in this regard as the only options available (at time of this writing) are the 6mg and 16mg cartridges. The 6mg cartridge is equivalent to that of light cigarette brands like Virginia Slims whereas the 16mg is equivalent to that of a full flavored brand like Marlboro Reds.

Price: 9 out of 10

V2 Cigs offer their disposable e-Cigarette in packs of three, five, ten, or even twenty. A three-pack will cost $24.95, and in some respects is a great buy. However, if you opt to purchase the twenty pack priced at $139.95, that’s where the real savings come into play. With their cheapest three-pack option, each e-Cigarette is priced at $9 per unit. Ordering the twenty-pack results in a unit cost of only $7. That’s an unprecedented amount of savings.

Closing Thoughts on the V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Whichever pack you choose, each e-Cigarette provides an remarkably attractive deal. Through our extensive testing, we found that the 400 puffs we achieved with the V2 Cigs Disposable lasted us roughly 3 days of conservative to moderate use. Add this to the twenty-pack option where each unit costs $7 and you’re getting a tremendous amount of e-Cigarettes for stellar price that’s convenient. After losing a charge, simply dispose the product and start using a new unit. It’s really that simple and we were impressed by how easy it was to just pick up another disposable after a previous one.

Add to the savings a company committed to providing its customers award winning service and you have a regret-free purchase. Each and every order shipped from V2 Cigs is delivered fast. We received our V2 Cigs direct from the company in only 3 days with standard shipping. That’s remarkably quick. After purchase support is also available with friendly, knowledgeable staff there to answer your questions by phone. We were impressed by their poise and knowledge of not only their products but the industry as a whole.

If you’re looking to try an electronic cigarette without spending too much money, V2 Cigs Disposable e-Cigarettes is a perfect product. Whether you’re transitioning from tobacco cigarettes, a rival brand, or you simply just want to stop dealing with refills or recharges, having a disposable option on hand is a great alternative. Whatever your motivations are, know that V2 Cigs’ disposable product line is well worth the money.