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Tonight February 28th, 2014

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Feb.28th, 2014 weekend brings a sale to all tobacco smokers who have wanted to try electronic cigarettes but haven’t due to initial investment cost.  This v2 sale during Feb. 28th weekend offers cigarette smokers the opportunity to purchase Quality E Cigarette Starter Kits at 30% off the top-rated V2 Cigs E Cigarettes standard price.

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You Don’t Miss Out This Short but Potent V2 SALE!

SAVE 15% MORE + 30% SALE = 45% OFF V2 Kits!! Using Code: EVAPE15
SAVE 10% MORE + 30% SALE = 40% OFF Everything at V2Cigs.com Using Code: EVAPE10

‘V2 Cigs Coupon’ at the E Cigarette Discount site is now offering an opportunity to customers to save 30% on the high quality V2 Cigs E Cigarette product line for 72 hours.  This 72 hour sale starting on Friday, April 22 at midnight offers two discounts.  The first discount is offered by V2 Cigs giving customers 20% off retail price for their ‘Feb.28th, 2014 Sale.’ The second discount is an instant V2 Discount given by the electronic cigarette discount site.  This means that smokers can seize the opportunity of owning V2 Cigs E Cigarette Products at a 30% discount storewide!

[blockquote source="Name of the soruce"]“The thing holding many tobacco smokers back is the relatively high initial investment in a top quality e cigarette starter kit, after which ongoing costs by way of nicotine liquid refill cartridges – known as Cartomizers – are comparatively very low. Switching to electronic cigarettes saves smoker’s a great deal of money, typically 50 to 75 percent,”says Wood, founder of V2 Cigs Coupon. “This opportunity to double up on V2 Cigs discounts will let smokers shave off almost a third of the price on what are already the most value priced premium e cigarette starter kits on the market.”[/blockquote]


  • This 30% discount is a rare opportunity for smokers to save on purchases of any size storewide. 

  • Those who already have V2 Cigs Starter Kits or any other KR808D-1 compatible e cigarette (including Vapor4Life’s Vapor King, SmokeTip, Bloog Fusion / MaxXFusion, eSmoke’s PRO and White Cloud’s Cirrus line, among others) can save too! 

  • This is an opportunity for current users to save 30% off of their continued smoking expenses.

When purchases V2 Cigs’ high quality KR808D-1 refill Cartomizers in bulk, customers can see purchase prices as low as $1.15 each during this 72 hour extravaganza! One pack of traditional cigarettes is equivalent to one V2 Cigs KR808D-1.  Given the rising costs to traditional cigarettes this means that smokers purchasing the V2 Cigs Cartomizer are paying one tenth of the costs of cigarettes in some locations, and half of the cost of most other KR808D-1 cartomizers.  Remember these drastic saves are available only for this 72 hour sale during Feb.28th, 2014 weekend.

V2 Cigs is a local and trusted leader in the industry based in Florida.  V2 Cigs are high quality and market-proven.  V2 Cigs e cigarettes and accessories are among the most reliable, high performing, and effective e cigarettes on the market.  V2 Cigs has been continually rated #1 e cigarette supplier by leading online review sites.

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This Feb.28th, 2014, cigarette smokers can go electric with an incredible 30% discount on all V2 Cigs E Cigarette products!